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29 Dec

PU Hose Supplier in Ahmedabad

We, Sai piping are one of the leading and best suppliers of PU Hose in Ahmedabad, India. PU hose is one of the commonly used products in the piping industry.

We are supplying the best quality of PU Hose to different parts of the country at best and affordable rates.

We are engaged in supplying the PU Hose of temperature range -40° C to 90° C (Short term 125° C). The Size of PU Hose available with us is from 38mm to 300mm.

Moreover, we are importing the PU Hose of Made in Germany brand and supplying it in different parts of India.

We are also engaged in manufacturing and supplying of different products like filters, Morris Coupling with rubber packing, Stainless Pipe, Aluminium Pipe, Pipe Bend, and Glass Bend, PVC Still wire Antistatic Hose, High-Temperature Silicone Hose, Blowers, Clamps and Tee.

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